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Digital Group, LLC is certified by industry leading Manufacturers of Structured Connectivity and Security Solutions, to install, maintain and provide the manufacturer’s warranty on solutions installed by our manufacturer trained and certified technicians.

Structured cabling carries the foundation of your organization – information. To minimize expensive data network problems, Digital Group Infrastructure Solutions follows rigourous installation and testing guidelines.

Digital Group understands that there is only one way to secure that voice and data signals reach their intended user. Its success lies entirely in installing everything correctly the first time. At Digital Group, we make sure that we match the right equipment with expert installation.

Adding safety and security to your building is a necessary part of any business. Whether you need a simple one-door access control or a multi-door system, Digital Group can assist in the planning and installation of your entire access control requirements.

Installing access control systems is a way of protecting your property, your employees and your visitors. By controlling and monitoring access into and from any area or building, a flexible system can ensure complete control over any site, however large or small.

Carpeted Hall with Office Cubicles

Digital Group believes that your employees are your greatest assets. Studies show that the average worker is distracted up to two hours each day, and that makes it difficult to focus. A Sound Masking System from Digital Group helps keep your employees focused on the task at hand, making your organization better at doing what it does best.

Surveillance CCTV Security Camera on the roof, closeup view

IP video surveillance equipment has become the preferred solution for new surveillance installations as well as upgrades to legacy CCTV systems. Whether for protection of assets, personnel or monitoring the operations of a manufacturing facility, intelligent IP-based video surveillance provides features and capabilities well beyond traditional analog camera systems. Our skilled team of experts will customize and implement a flexible array of solutions that cater to the industry-specific needs of your organization.

Companies around the world are quickly realizing how a video surveillance solution can protect their employees, customers, facilities, and assets. In addition, video surveillance is providing organizations with a means of liability defense and protection against frivolous claims.

Mobile phone paper craft

A mass notification system is designed to communicate messages out to any and all devices at once, meaning it can text, e-mail, message, and even call employees to notify them of the emergency. Digital Group has partnered with Lencore to provide solutions that fit your business needs. Lencore’s Engineered Systems for MNEC provide a completely packaged solution for ease of use and installation.

Dialing a telephone in the office

Digital Group knows there are many options available to you when choosing an enterprise phone system. From Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hybrid key to PBX systems, the choices can be difficult to discern from. Digital Group is at the forefront of this technology and will help your business understand equipment costs, maintenance needs, and carrying capacity.

There is no single system that is best for all businesses – the best system for your business is determined by your size, needs, and budget. Ultimately, the phone system you choose should be appropriate for the size of your business, your budget, and your level of IT support. Digital Group will insure that your phone system is the right choice and they have experience working with businesses large and small.

Digital Group will provide you with great customer support that can troubleshoot network issues, provide swift emergency maintenance, and help you get the most out of the features you’re paying for.

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